After Divorce How Long to Wait to Remarry in India

Do you want to know after divorce, how long to wait to remarry in India? Well, That’s a nice question. Read this article to find it out

After Divorce How Long to Wait to Remarry in India
After Divorce How Long to Wait to Remarry in India

Divorce is a “scar” that no one wants in Indian society, where people are extremely orthodox. But if you wish to remarry and think that it was a stupid decision you ever made, we will help you to go through the remarriage procedures, let’s dive in for more information.

What is Remarriage?

As from the word itself, we can understand that remarriage is what you will marry the same person after the previous marriage has ended through divorce or widowhood. Some people are more likely than others to remarry; the likelihood varies depending on past relationship status amount of interest in starting a new romantic relationship, gender, culture, and age, among other things.

What does Indian Law talk about Remarriage?

Only after an aggrieved party’s appeal against a divorce order is dismissed is it allowed to marry again, according to the Hindu Marriage Act. A second marriage, however, is not void if it occurs while an appeal is pending, according to the Supreme Court.

A bench headed By justice SA Bobde and L Nageswara Rao inferred section 15 of the Hindu Marriage Act to say that infirmity for second marriage for a certain period of time (during the pendency of an appeal against divorce) did not have the effect of treating the former marriage as subsisting, and that a marriage contracted during that period will not be void because it occurred during an incapacity.

Remarriage in Mutual consent

You are free to remarry whenever you wish after the divorce decree has been issued. After a divorce, there are no restrictions on remarriage. In many instances, though, former spouses argue in court that the divorce was imposed upon them because their partner wanted to marry shortly. Furthermore, because you have not yet healed and are unsure of what you want from the marriage, making a hurried decision can complicate your new connection.

Decree of Divorce in India

According to Section 15 of Hindu Marriage Act 1955, both parties are allowed a 90-day time to file an appeal from the date of the divorce judgment, and if no appeal is filed during this time, any party is eligible to remarry once the appeal period expires.

So, what should you do during the Appeal Period?

It might be difficult to heal quickly from the trauma of divorce. You may be heartbroken and mentally exhausted following your divorce, but you don’t have to surround yourself with negative energy. You must feel good enough to move on from the divorce and concentrate on making your life happier.
So, the topic’s conclusion is that everything takes time, and that time is spent waiting for the right event to happen to you. If your prior marriage had the poorest chances of surviving, it is recommended that you do not rush into things again so soon since you must be mentally and physically devastated. Also, keep in mind that anything life has tossed at you so far has been for a purpose.

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