How to Apply for Divorce in Karnataka (Detailed Guide)

Are you looking to know How to Apply for Divorce in Karnataka? Okay, Don’t worry read this brief article to understand how to do it

How to Apply for Divorce in Karnataka
How to Apply for Divorce in Karnataka

When it comes to filing or asking for a divorce, it is always advisable to obtain professional assistance. Because divorce is such a delicate topic, it is essential to hire only an experienced divorce lawyer who will handle everything in your favor.

Following Mumbai and Delhi, Bangalore will be the city with the most divorces. Today’s stress levels are at an all-time high, forming a chasm between two individuals, pushing them further apart until they are nothing more than a memory to one another. Let us look into How to Apply for Divorce in Karnataka.

How to Apply for Divorce in Karnataka

The following are the guidelines for couples seeking a divorce by mutual consent

  • Both the husband and the wife have willingly consented to end their marriage under no compulsion or threat.
  • The petition for mutual consent should be filed in the state where the husband and wife reside (document required to prove the jurisdiction is address proof)
  • Husband and wife have been living separately for a year (i.e., staying in different locations and not under one roof in different rooms, address proof is the document required)
  • Following the filing of the petition, both the husband and wife must wait 6 months (Cooling Period) for the procedure to be completed, after which they will be formally divorced.
  • After the divorce decree is approved, they must visit the marriage sub-register office and submit a form to revoke the marriage certificate, along with the divorce decree.

Procedure in the Courtroom

  • Engage the services of a lawyer and present him with all pertinent information.
  • A petition is filed in court by a lawyer.
  • Your spouse will be given a copy of the petition from the court.
  • The spouse has the option of contesting the divorce or agreeing to it. If he or she objects, the length of the process will be determined by the facts of the case.
  • In the case of mutual consent, the spouses must show that they have been apart for at least a year.
  • Following the conclusion of the proceedings, the court grants a six-month period to rethink the divorce judgment.
  • If the petitioners do not withdraw their petition, the court will issue a divorce decree.

Required Documents

  • Three-year Income Tax statements.
  • Details about your occupation and current remuneration
  • Information about the individual (birth, family members, etc)
  • Details on who owns what
  • Address proof of husband’s and wife.
  • Certificate of Marriage
  • Husband and wife’s marriage evidence in four passport size photographs
  • Evidence that the couple has been living apart for over a year.
  • An Aadhaar card.
  • Evidence linked to unsuccessful reconciliation attempts
  • Family background information
  • Copying and submitting copies of serious offenses such as placing advertisements in publications, if any.

In conclusion, a very essential point to note is that during the 6-month waiting time, it is not suggested for the (Husband) boy or (Wife) girl to explore any second marriage options or participate in courtship because it would complicate things and make the divorce proceedings tougher. And that’s how a divorce is applied.

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