How to Remove Spouse Name from Passport After Divorce

Are you looking to know How to Remove Spouse Name from Passport After Divorce? Well, That’s a good question. Read this article to find out.

How to Remove Spouse Name from Passport After Divorce
How to Remove Spouse Name from Passport After Divorce

Wondering how to remove your spouse’s name in the passport because there can be situations where you need to modify minor details in your passports after you’ve received them, such as names, addresses, and so on.

If you separate from your spouse or if your passports expire, you must update the information on them. Other information, such as residence, age, and photo, may change as a result of this.

This article will outline the processes that you must take if you wish to remove your spouse’s name from your passport for whatever reason.

How to Remove Spouse Name from Passport After Divorce

  • You must first get a form 002, which is for ‘miscellaneous services,’ from the Passport Seva website or one of the locations and fill it out. When downloading it from the internet, you must choose the ‘reissue of passport’ option. After that, they should select ‘change in existing personal particulars,’ then spouse name,’ then ‘change in existing personal particulars,’ and finally ‘change in existing personal particulars.
  • You have to give the following documents:

    Original passport with photocopies of the first and last two pages that have been self-attested.1) A copy of the spouse’s death certificate (in case of death of a spouse)2) A Certified Copy of the Divorce Decree and Sworn Affidavit/Deed Poll (Annexure ‘E’) is required if the applicant is requesting for the deletion of the spouse’s name owing to divorce.
  • An appointment must be made with the passport office, and you must show up on time with the requisite fee, documentation, and application form.
  • Those who applied online for an appointment do not need to receive a token to wait.
  • When the applicant’s time comes up, you must provide the appropriate documents in person or through a representative, including identification evidence and an authority letter signed by the applicant as per the Annexure.
  • You can collect the approved Passport with the revised information once your passport documents have been submitted and confirmed.

The Passport Officer will examine and verify all of the above-mentioned documents. According to the Annexure, the applicant must sign an authorization letter. The applicant can get the endorsed Passport with the amended information after the verification process is completed successfully.

Additional Information

You can apply for a ‘Re-issue of Passport’ to add or remove your spouse’s name from your passport. In any case, please keep in mind that following a divorce or death, you are not compelled to remove your spouse’s name from your passport.

Choose ‘Please select your Marital Status as ‘Married’ or ‘Widow/Widower’, as applicable, on the Passport Application on the Get Started Page.

You can select either ‘Deletion of Spouse Name after Divorce’ or ‘Deletion of Spouse Name after Divorce’ under ‘Choose Your Passport Service’.

In conclusion, a passport is a government-issued document, it must contain all necessary and correct information. This document is not only a proof of address and identity, but it is also a necessary document for individuals to travel outside of India. It is better to get the document right.

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